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The Candidate’s Process

You don’t want just any job. You want the one that matters to you. To help you find it, we need to know your skills - your work experience and what you want from your career. So, we ask a lot of questions!

We help you throughout your job search. After each interview, we give you feedback. If you are the chosen candidate, we help you get the best possible offer. And if you aren’t selected for the job, your resume is kept on file, ready for the next time the right position turns up.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I NOT Use a Recruiter?

  • Are you in an hourly paid profession? Are you looking for contract or temporary work? If so, staffing or employment agencies are better options. Recruitment firms are more suited for salaried and management staff positions. For best results, find a recruiter or employment agency that specializes in your industry or profession.

If I am Hired, Who Pays Me?

  • We only handle direct hire positions. You work for and are paid by the company that hires you.

Do I Pay a Fee?

  • No. Our hiring clients pay us to find you.

What If I Can’t Talk When I Am Working?

  • No problem! We can do after-hours appointments if necessary. Access our online calendar to set up a meeting time that works best for you.

Do I Tell a Recruiter What I Earn?

  • It’s up to you. It helps to know the salary level for which you are aiming. If you think you are underpaid, be frank with us. We know the industry and can help your get “market value” for your skills.

What Kind of Questions Will You Ask?

  • We want to understand what you have done in the past to assess your capabilities. We ask questions about your work style, personality, strengths and areas for development. We also want to know what you look for in an employer and your career. Finally, we ask about the motivations and personal circumstances influencing your job decisions.

Should I Use More Than One Recruiter?

  • It’s your call. No single firm can claim they have access to all opportunities in a given industry or profession.

Our Commitment to you

  • Keep your job search private
  • To inform you before showing your resume to a hiring company
  • Never perform a reference check without informing you first
  • Build a mutually transparent relationship with you
  • Give detailed information (when permitted) about the scope of the job, workplace culture and remuneration package
  • Give feedback to you after job interviews
  • Give you sufficient time to evaluate a job offer
  • Respect your decision regarding an offer as final

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