Search Types

We run both retained and contingency searches. Deciding on which will depend on your budget, reporting requirements and timeframe. Then book some time with us either in person or via telephone. We can help you decide which search type is the best fit.


Contingency Search

  • What It is

    Contingency searches are used for recruiting at the professional or managerial level.

  • How It Works

    We assume the risk and perform the work upfront. You pay us only if our candidate is hired.

  • Why Choose It

    Our contingency search plan is a no-risk solution. You focus on running your business and leave the recruiting to us! We take care of the sourcing, qualifying, selection, presentation and vetting of applicants.

Retained Search

  • What It is

    Retained searches exhaust all reasonable sources to find the ideal candidate. Because they are so thorough, they usually require extra steps.

  • How It Works

    You are billed:
    1/3 when the search begins
    1/3 when we send you a list of candidates
    1/3 when a successful candidate is hired

  • Why Choose It

    Go with a retained search if the position is a senior or critical to your organization. Or you need dedicated servicing, accountability and partners to ensure success. When prior contingency searches have failed, a retained search is a viable option.

Our Guarantees

We will always:

  • Tell you if we can’t perform a search
  • Push for open conversation between all parties
  • Understand your hiring needs
  • Research the position’s requirements
  • Give indepth analyses of an applicant’s job fit-ness
  • Protect clients’ identities during confidential searches
  • Never recruit from clients who have paid a fee in the last 2 years
  • Never recruit persons we have placed

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